The SWUA, (now SUA)  Slovenian Heritage Museum located on  Historic Route 66, in Joliet, Ill., was founded in 1978 by Irene M. Odorizzi. The Musuem was dedicated in 1983. Dedicated members from Joliet Branch #20 made this possible.  Branches and members throughout the U.S. have contributed to the displays and exhibits, either monetarily or with artifacts. All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated!

EXHIBITS AND DISPLAYS: Artifacts, memorabilia, ancestral keepsakes, photos, rare books, and mementoes from Slovenia are accepted for display.

MEMORIAL PLAQUE: Donations ($100) are accepted for the Memorial Plaque and are displayed in the museum. You may have your name or that of a friend or relative, displayed on the walnut plaque. Donations are recognized in Zarja.

MEMORIALS: All donations of a lesser amount are also recognized in Zarja. A memorial donation in memory of a deceased person is a fine tribute.  Acknowledge a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion with this unique remembrance. These donations reflect our Slovenian descent and the existence of our Heritage Museum!

Museum Gift Shop Inventory being updated!

Please accept our apology for the inconvenience.

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