Cultural Preservation and Sharing Grant

The Board of Directors believes that the preservation of the Slovenian culture is an important goal for the SUA. The Cultural Preservation and Sharing Grant seeks to document cultural events through recordings (audio and visual), writings, collections of photos, and narratives. SUA can provide monetary assistance, excluding salaries or stipends, to produce materials or a collection of materials which can be made available to SUA branches and other interested parties.

Possible topics. These are only a few ideas.

Slovenian foodsCultural materials such as bobbin lacePerformances of Slovenian songs and/or melodies InterviewsGenealogy or history of Slovenian-American traditions, churches, cemeteries, schools, etc.

Grant Criteria Applicant must be current SUA member in good standing. Proposals must involve topics related to Slovenian culture. Only one SUA grant per year may be awarded to an applicant.

Application Process

Complete application form including supporting materials.There is no deadline for this grant. Applications may be submitted at any time.

Application Guidelines

Download the form and save it. The form is a PDF document and is designed for the applicant to type information on the page; therefore, the form must be saved on the desktop once filled in.

The applicant as well as the Branch President must sign the application form. Signatures may be actual or electronic. If applicant wishes to submit the form by email, the application may need to be scanned after the form is signed unless an electronic signature is used.

Submit the application form and additional pages, if necessary. Additional pages should include the name of the project, first and last name of the applicant, and branch number on the top of each page.

Completed applications or questions should be submitted to the Selection Committee at either:

[email protected] or [email protected]

(Subject=Cultural Grant)


Cultural and Sharing Grant Selection Committee
Slovenian Union of America
431 North Chicago Street
Joliet, IL60432-1703

Download the Application

The applicant will share the results of the awarded project in Zarja – The Dawn.