The former Slovenian Women’s Union was founded in 1926 to provide social commerce among women regarding their experiences in America. Along with the founding of this organization, there was another purpose: to provide a monetary sum upon the death of an active member. Throughout the years, all applications for membership were filed. Upon death, a copy of the deceased member’s death certificate was added to the file. Providing a death benefit was eliminated during the SUA convention held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2011.

Along the way, progress occurred. The organization became the Slovenian Union of America, and with its continued mission to safeguard heritage, the filed documents were scanned. Now SUA is able to provide this priceless piece of heritage to family historians, genealogists, and family members. All records are searchable.

The documents include all or some of the following:

Application for membership

Cancelled checks, both sides

IZKANICA a membership form with seal

Uncertified genealogical copy of the original death certificate and/or NAZNANILO

SMRTI (announcement of death)

The paper used in printing these documents is bonded and will not yellow or discolor. Each sheet has a visible watermark with a lifetime of 300 years if stored properly. Documents will be placed in an inert polypropylene protector that will not crack, scratch, or tear. The cost of each package is $25. If you are able to receive mail digitally via email, the cost will then be $10.

Payment must accompany this form and can be made by check sent to the main office at

Slovenian Union of America, Attn: Georgene Agnich

431 North Chicago Street, Joliet

Illinois 60432-1703.

If records cannot be located, your payment will be returned.

Call Mary Lou Voelk (715.292.1960) with any questions.