Slovenian Union of America (SUA)
 Educational Grant Program
 2016-2017 Academic Year

Program Objectives
The Board of Directors of SUA believes that the preservation of the  Slovenian culture in America as well as the future leadership of the  organization depends upon having persons who have pursued growth in  their academic and vocational educations. Further, the Board believes  that financial limitations may have an important influence toward the  ability of students to pursue their goals. While other sources of  financial aid, such as scholarships and tuition aid may be sought, the  SUA Educational Grant Program is directed to other expenses, such as  book costs, lab fees and fees beyond tuition, which pose a limitation on  persons pursuing their educations. There are no age limits on  eligibility for award of Educational Grants.

1. Deadline for Educational Grant application submissions is July 31, 2017 (No exceptions).
2. Refer to criteria below for eligibility requirements and application submission requirements.
3. Type or print legibly. Illegible or incomplete applications will be  returned to applicants. You may also download a copy of the application  on-line at
4. You will be notified by mail regarding the outcome of consideration of your application.
5. If you have any questions about the application process, contact the  Selection Committee, 

the address of which is listed below.

To assist SUA members of all ages to pursue their educational goals.

Award Criteria
1. Applicant must have an acceptance letter from an accredited college,  university, vocational or trade school, or must provide evidence of  already pursuing a program at such an institution.
2. Applicant must be a member of SUA in good standing.
3. Applicant must submit a description of educational objectives, including ambitions with regard to a leadership role in SUA .
4. Applicant entering a school must provide evidence of having been  awarded a high school diploma. If already pursuing training at a higher  level school, they must provide a description of the current status of  their progress toward completion of a program, and their GPA.
5. Applicant may submit evidence of awards (educational and/or athletic)  received while attending high school, or if already pursuing a  post-high school program, any awards received to date.
6. Only one SUA Educational Grant per student may be awarded for an academic year.
7. Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S.

Application Process
Applicant must submit the following items to the Education Grant Selection Committee at the address listed below:

1. Completed application form.
2. A copy of your high school transcript or the most recent transcript with the cumulative GPA from a higher level institution.
3. A personal essay describing your educational and career goals and  your intentions toward participation in a SUA leadership role. The  statement should be at least 250 words in length. Attach additional  sheets to the application form with the applicant’s name at the top of  each.
4. A recommendation prepared by a high school instructor who knows you or a 

current college or vocational school instructor.

Deadline for applications is July 31, 2016. Applications postmarked 

after this date will not be considered.

Special Provision
Grant awards for books, fees and other expenses not covered by other  scholarships and financial aid will be issued directly to the award  recipient upon submission of receipts for the items covered by the  grant.

Educational Grant awards will be featured in Zarja.

Download Application Here

Please mail or submit application to:
Educational Grant Selection Committee
 Slovenian Union of America
 431 North Chicago Street
 Joliet, IL, 60432-1703

      Slovenian Union of America ( SUA)

Cultural Preservation and Sharing Program
Objectives and Submission Guidelines    The Board of Directors  believes that the preservation of the Slovenian culture in America is an  important goal for the SUA. The success of doing so can have an  important positive benefit to present and future members. It can also  play a role in sharing the Slovenian culture outside of SUA. 

The newly established SUA Cultural Preservation and Sharing Program  will seek to facilitate the recording of programs that can be shared  with other SUA branches for reuse—thus expanding their impact. This new  program will seek to provide technical assistance and funding for  recording programs. The objective is that (possibly copyrightable) DVDs,  recordings, and PowerPoint 

presentations can be developed for sharing.

It is believed that SUA can provide technical assistance and funds  for recording cultural events to produce a collection of materials that  can be made available to SUA branches…as well as to other groups.

Topics that would be suitable candidates for recording and sharing include:
• Preparation of Slovenian foods.
• Construction of Slovenian cultural materials such as bobbin lace.
• Sound recordings of performances of Slovenian songs and melodies.
• Recordings of interviews.
• Discussions of research projects involving genealogy or history of Slovenian-American churches.
• Subjects which have not taken place in public settings but involve things done by individuals under convenient circumstances.
• Also possible would be written materials, copies of which could be shared with branches as a basis for presentations.

Guidelines for submission of proposals for technical 

and financial assistance follow:

While is hoped that the program will be flexible in terms of  willingness to receive proposals throughout the year, initially there  will be an annual invitation and assessment by a committee operating out  of the SUA headquarters.

1. Deadline for application submissions is July 2016.
2 . Refer to criteria below for eligibility requirements and application submission requirements.
3. Download a copy of the application form on line available at
4. Applicants will be notified by mail regarding the outcome of the consideration of their appli- cation.
5. If you have any questions about the application process, contact the  SUA President Mary Lou Voelk. Her contact information is

Purpose: To facilitate the recording and sharing of materials dealing  with Slovenian culture, emphasis will be placed on that culture in  America.

Award Criteria and Conditions:
1. Applicants must be current SUA members in good standing, and  proposals for receipt of financial support must involve topics related  to 

some aspect of Slovenian culture.
2. In the initial operation of the program, applications will only be  considered from SUA members, individuals, or branches. No rights to  materials assisted by SUA assistance will be permitted to be acquired  solely by applicants. Rights to distribution and use will normally be  held by SUA, or shared with the originator.
3. Applicants must submit a description of the program they wish to  conduct and have recorded. Related information includes: sponsors name  and branch; key individuals involved in planning and conducting the  event; location at which the event is to be conducted; and expected  duration of the event to be recorded. Also to be included is the means  by which the event would be recorded, the media to be used and the  persons proposed to do the recording. SUA may provide assistance in  terms of identifying the event on the recording, sponsors 

and key  parties involved, as well as formatting.
4. Applicants must include the amount of funds requested to assist the  recording, and for what purpose they would be used must be stated.
5. The length of materials recorded for sharing should not be less than  15 minutes nor more than 60 minutes in the edited recorded format.
6. Only one SUA grant per year may be awarded to an applicant.
7. The number and amount of grants will be determined by the amount of  tax deductible donations made by SUA members as well as other gifts and  grants received and earmarked for the program.
8. Grants are intended to fully or partially cover costs only…

and not to include personal compensation.
9. SUA may also acquire materials for archiving to which others hold rights.
10. Materials acquired through this program may also be shared with  other organizations, such as public TV and local cable channels, to  reach larger audiences.

Download Application Here

Application Process:
Applicant must submit the following items:
1. Completed application form (if handwritten, please print legibly). If  the form does not provide adequate space, additional sheets can be  appended; 

noting the title of the proposal on each additional sheet.
2. Applications are to be sent to the Cultural Preservation 

and Sharing Selection Committee,
c/o SUA Headquarters, 431 North Chicago Street, Joliet, IL 60432-1703 

…or emailed to

Awards of Cultural Preservation and Sharing Grants will be featured in Zarja.