An 87-year Tradition of Slovenian Community Support

Honor the Past * Preserve the Future * Give from the Heart

It was 1926, when a group of concerned Slovenian Women led by Marie  Prisland saw the importance of building an outstanding network of  Slovenians comprised largely of Slovenian immigrant women.

Much has changed in the 87 years since the Slovenian Women’s Union of  America (SWUA) was organized but one thing remains constant – the  generosity of our Slovenian community and its passion for continuing  Slovenian traditions. We need your help to maintain our Heritage Museum  for generations of Slovenians to come.

The now Slovenian Union of America (SUA) is actively recruiting male  and youth members so families can participate, learn and grow together  in their Slovenian heritage. We want to meet your Slovenian needs. In  2013 look forward to more Slovenian events, more help organizing and  sustaining SUA branches and greater access to the Heritage Museum  which houses many of your ancestral documents.

Archived in the museum are two magazines – Zarja -The Dawn, the  official monthly publication of SWUA – SUA since 1926 and the Ave  Maria magazine which focused on Catholic American families, founded in  1865 by Holy Cross priest Edward Sorin, who had founded the University  of Notre Dame twenty-three years earlier. There is also  a Slovenian record collection spanning over a century.

Your support is critical to our future. Your donations are truly  making a difference by helping us maintain and expand a Slovenian  Heritage Museum and local (in your community) branches of SUA  internationally. Please consider this and then give generously to our  2013 Appeal.  Your donation is now tax-deductible under the IRS 501, (c)  3 regulations.

A heartfelt gift to SUA is a gift for you, your family, and our Slovenian community.

Please send your check to:

Slovenian Heritage Museum
431 N. Chicago Street
Joliet, IL 60432
Attn: Donations