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Would you like to advertise with us? We hope so! But if you are  unsure, please read below to learn more about our magnificent magazine  we call Zarja – The Dawn.

The date was 1929 when the first Zarja – The Dawn came off the press. Envision those early days when one could see wagons full of Zarja’s being pulled down the street in Slovenian neighborhoods for door-to-door delivery. Zarja was the teaching tool that guided the Slovenian woman into the new society. Down the through the years, Zarja emerged as a strong voice, keeping sisters throughout America in touch.

Today our younger generation has become a mixture of heritages; most  of the Slovenian neighborhoods are gone, as are the Slovenian churches.  Once again, Zarja has shown its strength, this time as an informational tool. Zarja has become the communication agent that promotes culture, traditions,  and scholarships to our multigenerational, male, female organization. Zarja is the only magazine published primarily to preserve the ethnic culture  of Slovenian-Americans. Over 2,500 Slovenian-American families read Zarja.

Throughout its history, not one issue of Zarja failed to come off the press. Zarja has been the binding force for the Slovenian immigrant and for the organization and its members up to the present day. Zarja is delivered six times a year. Our readers eagerly await this full  color magazine filled with exciting stories of the homeland, stories  written by Slovenians, news from our members all over the world,  reminiscing stories from the past, recipes, crafts, tradition and so  much more. Simply put, Zarja is a Slovenian-American treasure.

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Bonnie Pohar Prokup, Editor

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