With more than 4,300 members, there is bound to be undiscovered talent in our SUA membership, friends and others who have an interest in Slovenian heritage-Customs-Culture. Now, more than ever, we need that talent to help us move forward!  Why not share your talents with us? We have so many options for you to do something meaningful to you and making a significant difference to SUA.

Skilled writers and editors are needed for swua.org and our bi-monthly magazine, ZARJA –The Dawn. Contact Bonnie Pohar-Prokup, SUA President at (wprokup@aol.com). It doesn’t matter where you live as long as you have access to e-mail and experience in writing or editing.

The Heritage Museum in Joliet, IL has a wide variety of opportunities for you – whether you have one hour a month or one hour a week:

  • Are you a good organizer? Help organize books and items at the museum
  • Do you have top-notch cleaning skills? Give an hour a month to help keep the museum sparkling
  • Do you know how to scan papers into a computer – or would you like to learn? Offer your skills
  • Are you or your spouse handy at fixing things? Lend two hours a month to help the museum stay in good repair
  • Talented at organizing events? Work with local churches and social groups create fun events at the museum such as teas or ice cream socials
  • Have retail skills? The museum shop needs an inventory/pricing manager
  • Have a teenager who needs to do community service? Let us know
  • Is your social group looking for volunteer opportunities? Set up a work day at the museum
  • Become an Assistant to the Vice-President of Home Office.

 If you are interested in volunteering at the Museum, please Contact Mary Lou Voelk, Vice-President of Heritage and Culture at: ottolou@gulftel.com

If you are interested in the Office Assistant, contact Jan King, Vice- President of Home Office, at: neighbor2slovenia@yahoo.com  

Leaders are needed to head up volunteer efforts for SUA. If you have a need to lead, then contact President Bonnie Pohar -Prokup at wprokup@aol.com.

Whatever sparks your interest and tugs at your heart, we will find a way to match your skill with our needs and as you help our organization grow!

Thank You!



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