Washington – According to the US business news channel CNBC, those who want a secure retirement should move to Slovenia. The Natixis Global Retirement Index survey puts Slovenia in 16th place among 150 countries in terms of retirement security, while the US ranks 19th

Based on data provided by the World Bank, United Nations and other organisations, Natixis, an asset management firm, has set up a new index measuring retirement security based on health expenditures, life expectancy, income inequality, unemployment and the ratio of young workers to older pensioners.

The list is topped by Norway, while the top ten countries include Switzerland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and France.

At the very bottom of the list is Zimbabwe.

Slovenia, which got a new pension system on 1 January under which the retirement age for both genders was raised to 65 years, ranks 16th.

According to CNBC, the US was surprisingly surpassed by Slovenia as well as countries such as Israel, Japan and the Czech Republic.

Source: STA


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