Salute 2014…..”It’s Who You Are”….

Salute 2014

……”It’s Who You Are”…. Vermilllion Community College, Ely Minnesota, August 15, 2014……
                                                                        Wanted Wedding Photos!!

This is an opportune time in our history to document Slovenian American influence in Minnesota.  3-4 generations have passed since the first Slovenian immigrants arrived. With Four SUA Branches in Minnesota working on the project, it can happen!

Submit scanned family wedding photos for this historical preservation project; great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, yours truly, your children, grandchildren. Each submitted photo will be exhibitetd in poster format at Salute 2014.  Digitized copies will be deposited at the Slovenian Union of AMerica, Ely-Winton Historical Society, Iron Range Historical SOciety, St. Louis County Historical Society. Celbrate your heritage, its who you are!

Follow This procedure:  (see attached wedding poster)

1. Bride or groom to be of Slovenian Ancestry

2.Scan photo and send photo in jpg format

3. Include as much of the following information (see attached wedding poster)  Name of bride and groom, date of birth and date of death; also include bride’s surname

4. Town, church, date and officiant; Ex: St,. Anthony Church, Rev. Fr Joseph Buh, Ely,Minnesota, August 8, 1924

5. Name of the Witnesses, if known  Left to Right: (L TO R:)

6. Include Telephone No.  of person submitting photo.

7. Deadline for submitting scanned photographs if June 1, 2014.

8. Do you have a wedding dress for the exhibit? Contact Mary Lou.

9. Please send ASAP, each photo will be constructed as a 8 x 11 poster.

TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS: Accepting wedding photo from anyt year, 1800’s to 3014! There is no limit to the number of wedding photos submitted. Do not have to be a member of the SUA. Contact any non members, they are certainly welcome to become a part of this collection. Any other quetions? contact Mary Lou

Mary Lou Deyak Voelk  (251-968-4364 home)  (715-292-1960 cell)  email:

Sample Wedding Poster:




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