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VISION To be recognized with high esteem, as the leading Slovenian Heritage and Cultural organization responsible for promoting interest, and awakening passion in those Americans of Slovenian ancestry and to serve their diverse interests.
MISSION Dedicated to honor and preserve our Slovenian legacy; to promote its ideals and to ensure its longevity for future generations.
PURPOSE To commit ourselves to keeping the spirit alive by fostering in our membership an understanding and appreciation of our Slovenian heritage and by reaching out to awaken or instill this passion in others through communication, education and the provision of available resources.


Our founder, Marie Prisland

The struggle for women’s rights began in the United States shortly before the Civil War. During the following years a number of organizations were formed to provide forums for women to speak about those issues of importance to them and to all people with an interest in creating a society with an equality of rights.

This fight for justice was recognized in part by enactment of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote.

Marie Prisland, the first President of the Slovenian Women’s Union of America, now, Slovenian Union of America, discussed these activities in her forward for an issue of “Amerika Slovenka”:

“For many years I have been watching various movements which have been launched and carried to a successful result by the women of this country. Seeing that their movements have benefited not only the social conditions of womanhood, but also brought numberless blessings to the community in general, I have often expressed a desire to launch such a movement among the Slovenian women in this free country of America.

“What we needed most was an organization which would foster our ambitions and serve as an open forum for all women of Slovenian birth; where they could freely express their opinions and at the same time, learn the lesson their more fortunate sisters had gathered while living in this country.

“My wishes were more than fulfilled, and my efforts amply rewarded, when the Slovenian Women’s Union was founded in Chicago on the 19th day of December, 1926”.

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